The purpose of this site is to make film producers aware of this film script I have written. Rather than have have you read through it, you're able to sit back and listen as the story unfolds.

This story is based on the perspective of a 10 year old child - much like the TV show "The Wonder Years" (working title), told at a time when monsters and scary situations seem far too real. It is my belief that the reason most horror stories do not have the realism and scare they used to have is because we've all grown up and realized that the bogeyman does not actually exist.

Sit back and let us take you back to a time when scary monsters and situations felt far too real again.

Prepare yourself for "The Wonder Fears."

If you're just browsing, here is a 3-minute audio snippet of the show here:

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If you are interested in doing this script as a short film, email dino.manzella over at gmail

Also, if you know anyone that creates animated movies, this audio drama could be perfect for them to add the visuals to.

"The Wonder Fears" was written, directed and recorded by Dino Manzella

Young Dino Trevor Paulson
Mark Nate Nissen
Counselor Steve - Alan Gofinski
Jim Francis Nicholas Chism
Mr. Aldrich Aaron Smith
Mrs. Aldrich Dielle Enison
Little Tommy Rohden - Lexi Paulson
Dinos mom Pat Manzella
Waiter - Andy Pasek
Waitress - Gianina Beasley

Sound Effects & Body Slams - Crista Chism, Andy Pasek , Justin Ferwerda & Lisa Alderfer

Vocal Direction: Dielle Enison
Narrated by Dino Manzella

Night Aire & Megotholis performed by GRIGORI 3
1999 ASCAP Bartolini, Wise and Bradbury

The Wonder Fears has an original copyright date of 1992
With the Registration # TXu 540-165 All rights reserved.

This audio drama was recorded between August of 2003 & February 2004

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the people who helped with this labor of love of mine whose names are written above and worked without any payment. Without your help, I would just have to find someone else to do what you did for me. Er,.. umm.. Well if I did find someone else, Im sure it would not have come out as good as it did though ;) In all seriousness, thank you all for your help, Im blessed to have friends willing to pitch in and help me with this vision I had. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!..

Special thanks to (in no particular order except one): God, PJ, Leo Manzella, Michael Canova, Rich Hofherr, Frankie Rand, Steve Enison, Brian Grossart, Scott Ostrenga, Michelle Marx, Andrew Blake, Jozzy, Mark Kennetz, Caleb, Doug, Kevin, Jeff, Gif, Bill Rathgaber, Don Sundby, John Hoffman, Matt Roeske, Mark Bizjack, Jim Francis, James Best, Harley, Joe, Nicole & Jennifer, Ryan, Kelly Waller, Tom & Angela Rohden, Gary & Mary Mazzeri, Luke Mazzeri, Wes Dixon, Rik Lovett, Brent Edmonson, Carl Drago, Jason Ehas, Jeremy Marks, Ed Rhea, Scott Wilder, Mike Parx, Jim Murphy, Moe, Larry & Curly, Lil Lisa, Mike Giampa, Holly Richter, Mr. Benedetto, John Drwal, Little Brent Hybrach, Nana & Papa, Max, George & Bedda, Crucified, SHAGR, Judas Dan, and of course Jim, Beth, John, Angela, Ann, Joe, Becky, Mark, Pete, Frank, Paul, Tony and every other common first name I can think of or forgot (ugh I hate writing these things cause Im bound to forget someone important.. OH! Like Brendan Golden.. I love ya Bren!

Extra Special thanks to Carl Amari from Falcon Pictures for his inspiration to create an audio drama.

If you love audio dramas and old time radio shows like I do, check out the stuff going on at Falcon Pictures at the link above. They're currently redoing the entire series of Twilight Zone Episodes as radio dramas written By Rod Serling -amazing stuff!

NOTE TO FILM PRODUCERS: This is just the first half of the story. Although it resolves quite nicely, I left some open ends that get resolved in the second half.

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This is a "Not For Profit" project.