Symbols do not all have to be carved or etched, some can be traced in the air or on objects. However, the person making the symbol must believe in it completely while making it. Some symbols only stay in effect as long as the person is still continuously making them with their hand(s). Some symbols may require two hands. So, in a lot of cases the caster may not attack, but rather walk and use his agility bonus for defense.

To introduce your adventurers to symbols, I would suggest either having a 1% chance of knowing each SIMPLE symbol per their character's knowledge points, or using the symbols against them until they get to know them. The more complex symbols which require ceremonies should only be taught by high nobels.


= vs arrows: When worn, a person can evade each arrow 16% effectiveness.

= vs death spells. When this rune is worn, there is a 20% chance that it will repel all death spells.

= vs demons. This rune requires a casting time of about 2 days. The ceremony required is that seven holy men surround the spot to be protected. While holding hands and laying on the ground (heads toward the center of a circle). Each of them are requited chant "Heed all demons, begone - we forbid your presence upon this soil." for 10 minutes during which time a stick from a hybrach tree is used to trace a circle around the outside of the holy men. After the ten minutes, they are then required to stand up and step out of the circle they have created. Holy water must then be poured upon every inch of the protected ground inside the circle. The same stick is then used to make the "vs demon" symbol all around the outside of the circle. It shall then settle for 2 days without being walked upon by human nor beast. When the two days are up, anything standing within the circle is protected from a demons touch for one year.

= unity and strength: All members involved with this casting must have this symbol traced upon their foreheads and chests. The magic will allow each of the members to sense if a companion is in trouble (up to 100% effectiveness depending on their proximity to each other). Each two feet in distance away from each other will decrease the runes's effectiveness by 1% IE: Companions 198 feet away from each other would have a 1% chance of the rune's magic to work. Each member involved in the casting would roll a percentage when a detrimental situation arises involving a companion.

= vs magic. This anti magic circle is in actuality a magic circle itself. Thus it's creation is very unsteady. A Pilurs branch is used to make a circle in the earth about five feet in diameter. A seed from a Promano tree is then chewed up and spit onto the dirt covering part of the circle that has been drawn. Now anyone within the circle has a 68% chance of being unaffected by each magical attack. The magic's effect will last ten minutes.

= vs dark: if carved on a wall, it will illuminate a pale orange light for 5 minutes. If symbolized with a hand (held up with thumb out slightly) the persons palm will illuminate light, this light does cause the caster to endure a growing pain and lose a considerable amount of life points unless this person can protect himself from heat or flame by magic spell or magic item. Note: this is one of the few symbols that you can be used during combat. Note: The caster MUST concentrate on it in order to maintain it. (100% effectiveness).

= repels undead: You may use either a physically carved, etched, molded or drawn emblem (88% effectiveness), or both hands as this symbol, (65% effectiveness).

= protects home: Carve or paint this rune above every entrance way of the home in which you wish to protect. Even the smallest entrance needs to be protected (Mouse holes, chimney's etc.) and it will protect your home from entry of creatures of an evil alignment. Effectiveness is 100%. Each symbol's power is canceled by destroying it physically. Any creature repelled by it's force cannot itself physically destroy the symbol. Though they may order or direct allies to do so or cast spells to destroy it physically.

= vs poison (as antidote) Using a Heibrant stick burnt at one end, It's ashes should be traced upon the container of the poison. This rune works best on magical poisons (89% effectiveness). Organic poisons have a slightly lesser chace of being a remedy (78% effectiveness). Note: this rune will only work on poisons that have not been ingested. IE: you cannot trace this rune upon the belly of a poisoned victim.


Symbols of energy can be used as substitutions for spells. Most symbol's chance of success is 50/50, yet they cost the user little or no magical energy (game masters call). Each symbol can only be used once per month.

An alternative way of controlling the amount of casting of these symbols is to have a casting component of each actual rune chip. Gamemasters can buy rune chips at a store that specializes in magic or astrology type topics. Any symbols not contained within the rune alphabet can be constructed by the game master. This way instead of just casting the rune of choice, they would have to acquire the rune desired. I would suggest that if you take this route that the percentage of success in casting increases to at least 75%. Each rune would disappear upon the moment of it's casting.

= All-Sight: Dispells illusions, casts light or shows all invisible things. This rune's magic will last a total of 10 minutes

= Possession. This rune is very powerful. When invoked, it will cause the caster to enter into the victim's body (the body need not be alive). At this point, the casters physical body will disappear and adjoin with the victim's taking on the victim's appearance. All belongings (clothing, weapons, armor etc.) would fall to the ground at which point they may be either picked up or left behind. A caster cannot enter a body smaller than himself. Nor may he enter anything but humanoid creatures. All life points are then combined any damage is shared by both. (death for the victim, means death of the caster as well). The duration of the effect can last as long as (1d12 hours) or the caster may decide to leave the body before that time is up. When separated, the caster will appear naked beside the possessed victim. They will split any damage sustained by the both of them. If a limb has been cut off or if the body has been tied up, each would share a 50/50% chance of losing that limb/being tied up. Note: Casting of this rune must be done while the victim is sleeping.

= Death (as symbol)

= Dragons eye: Any dragon viewing this symbol must make a savings throw vs will or be painfully blinded for 1-10 minutes

= Bless (as spell)

= Pain (as symbol)

= Icestorm summoning (as spell)

= Unification: (Used in connection with the "Unity & Strength" symbol above). When invoked it will teleport a whole divided adventuring party to the location of this symbol when it has been traced upon the ground in the blood of a wild dimeo rat.

= Irresistibility: Everyone viewing this symbol must make a saving throw vs will or find the person holding this symbol so irresistible that they will attempt to mate with them.

= Stops Time: all creatures viewing symbol must make a saving throw vs will or be frozen in time until symbol is taken out of sight.

= Flash: Immediately creates a burst of light which causes blindness for 1d6 minutes. (Anyone who does not know that the symbol will be cast or does not know the effects of the symbol must save vs agility as if closing eyes)

= Transformation: Anyone viewing this symbol must make a saving throw vs will or be transformed (see chart below).

1=Turns creature inside out (painful death)
2=Shrinks head arms and legs 90%
3=Legs shrink 50%
4=Arms shrink 50%
5=Changes sex (personal confusion)
6=Arms grow 50%
7=Legs grow 50%
8=Grows eyes in back of head
9=Becomes a siamese twin joined at the hip
10=Rapid mitosis (produces clone).

Note: Re-roll if the result cannot apply to the creature.

(The victim would inherit any benefits or disadvantages that the transformation would result).

If the victim becomes a siamese twin or produces a clone, the clothes & belongings are split 50/50. Note to Gamemasters: A personal conflict between the two may result in either of these two cases. :)

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