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Q: So what's this page all about?
A: I'm looking to perform the role of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. Do you know of any productions going on? (local or non-local) I might be willing to travel depending on the situation.

Q: What else is there to know?
A: All you could ever want to know can be found below.


MP3 - Heaven on Their Minds - Traditional Version
REAL AUDIO - Heaven on Their Minds - Traditional Version

MP3 - Heaven on Their Minds - Dance Mix
REAL AUDIO - Heaven on Their Minds - Dance Mix

These next two mixes are kinda odd, but worth the listen.
Heaven on Their Minds - Drum Loop mix 1 (heavy guitar)
Heaven on Their Minds - Drum Loop mix 2

As you can see I have several versions of the same song because I love all kinds of music. The only kind of music you will not hear me doing is country.. YUCK! Hmmm a country version of Jesus Christ Superstar!.. What an awful thought!

I am looking for other versions of Heaven on Their Minds, If you have done a version of it yourself, I'd love to trade a cassette of all my mixes for one of yours.

Actually, I have the first show I did doing Annas on video tape.. It's actually a very good production. Our theater company hired a video production crew to come in and do a dual camera recording. I would be interested in trading a copy of this for other productions of the show. Let me know what you have, you might be surprised!

Updated Email address: Email me here

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Name:Dino Manzella
Race:100% Sicillian
Eyes:Greenish Brown
Weight:135 lbs
Fav Animal:Dog
Fav Musical:Umm.. JCS?

1978 - 1987 Played in bands throughout the Chicago music scene.

1987 - 1992 I opened and operated a recording studio in the basement of my home in Mt. Prospect Illinois.

1988 - I graduated first in my class at ETC Music, (and was actually offered a position within the company before I finished the schooling.)

It was at this time that I started to give free seminars of "How to get your band signed" to prospective clients of my home studio. One of the reasons I believe that I was able to survive with a HOME studio with all the commercial competition, was because of the seminar. It gave potential clients a chance to meet and talk with me. Through this they were able to see that they could come out with a professional sounding demo.

1988 - 1989 Worked on the staff of the Chicago Rocker Magazine.

1988 -1990 Worked with a local radio station called "G-Force". I made all their station ID's and many of their commercials in trade for airtime.

In 1989 I funded and released a compilation project of 30 local bands in the Chicagoland area and distributed it worldwide through ad's in "Fanzines" (fan written magazines).

1991 - 1993 I became part of the writing staff of Windy City Rocks and Intense Magazine.

In 1992 Again I funded and released a compilation project of local bands This time performing Christmas music, as a benefit for the homeless people in Chicago.

October 1992 - January 1995: I moved my home studio to a Chicago location and became a co-owner of Bad Dog recording studio's. (Bad Dog consisted of two fully equipped analog studio's, one digital suite and a video department).

January 1992 - October 1994: I taught classes on recording and microphone placement techniques at my Chicago studio. It helped keep a steady flow of new clients through the studio, as well as establish myself as a credible engineer and producer. (For the class I spent extra hours constructing a text manual so that my students could follow easily).

1992 - 1994 I wrote a book called "Forgotten Scripts". The book is now online at

In November 1993, I acquired a large building of 18 rooms in a Melrose Park Illinois business district. I rent these out for musician rehearsal studios as well as offices for music related businesses.

In the summer of 1994, I performed in Jesus Christ Superstar at the Hemmens auditorium in Elgin Illinois. This was my first musical ever. I was given the role of Annas. I chose to sing all of the parts in full voice, no falsetto :) My vocal range in full voice climbs to "High D"

In the summer of 1995 I again performed in Jesus Christ Superstar, this time playing the role of Judas. (The show was to benefit the aids foundation). I performed it with a friend of mine named Tony. He's in a band called 7th Heaven. Check them out, they have some really great hooks in their songs.

In early 1995 I indulged heavily in acquiring computer knowledge. I then put up my own music domain site on the world wide web. My domain address is

In May 1997, I helped sprout a new Chicagoland music magazine publication called "Backstage Pass".

In 1997, "Musician Magazine" wrote a little blurb about "" in their "Musicians Guide to Gigging" issue. Since then, my music site has been getting an average of 4000 requests per day making itself a formidable presence on the net.

Alas I have become a geek. Many weekends when I am not working with bands you can find me playing computer games like 7 Days To Die on the Afternight server.


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Dino Manzella


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